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Wed, Nov. 23 - Thurs, Dec. 15

Bear hunting seminar to be held in VermontMonday, July 1, 2013

Category:Outdoor and Recreation

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department recently announced that it will be holding a free seminar on August 17. The seminar is titled Getting Started in Bear Hunting. 

The department is looking to educate hunters on not only staying safe while hunting bears but also ways to be more successful. John Pellegrini, hunter education training coordinator for the Fish & Wildlife Department, said bears can be a hard animal to hunt, but it's the hunters who know where to look who can improve their success rate. 

"Now is an excellent time to learn how to bear hunt," Hammond said. "Vermont's bear population is high which means that the opportunity for success is very good."

The seminar will teach hunters on the topics of bear biology, hunting tactics, rules and regulations, as well as trophy and game aftercare. 

According to the Vermont Big Game Trophy Club, the largest bear killed in Vermont was in the town of Norton. It was killed by the hunter James Thomas in September, 1965 and the bear weighed 525 pounds. The kill was recently recognized as the state record. 

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