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New Cargo Liner Product Video Launch: Meet Drew Force

New Cargo Liner Product Video Launch: Meet Drew Force Categories:Cargo and Truck Liners, Experiences & Stories, Husky Products, Outdoor and Recreation, Product Insights, Videos
New Cargo Liner Product Video Launch: Meet Drew Force

Meet Drew Force. He is an aspiring (or struggling) surfer – depending on how you look at it! To him, surfing is the ultimate break from life. It is a place where you can go and think about the here and now. Surfing is a peaceful place as well as a good workout - especially when you aren’t very good! Drew doesn’t surf enough to be good. It is a different experience every time you are out on the water. However, it’s always great and exhilarating – the ultimate adrenaline ride. At the same time, surfing is also humbling and peaceful. The coolest thing about surfing is that you could die at any moment – so you have to remain focused on what you are doing at all times. The ocean waves never stop. You have to be totally present all of the time with a clear mind.

Drew needs extreme products to help protect him from the extreme elements he endures when out surfing. He needs something to protect the cargo area of his SUV from all of the sand and wetness from his gear. It is no doubt, the Husky Liners Cargo liner protects the back area of Drew’s SUV from the sticky wetness of sandy, salty water.

Drew puts the Cargo Liner to the test all of the time. These liners protect and defend the cargo areas of SUVs from whatever is thrown at them. They are custom fit with high perimeter edges and an anti-slip surface, minimizing slipping and sliding as well as protecting the back of SUVs from inevitable spills and mess.

To check out Drew Force in action, click here: