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New GearBox Product Video Launch: Meet Paul Coughlin

New GearBox Product Video Launch: Meet Paul Coughlin Categories:Car & Maintenance Tips, Experiences & Stories, Gear Box, Product Insights
New GearBox Product Video Launch: Meet Paul Coughlin

Meet Paul Coughlin. He runs a non-profit, anti-bullying organization, called the Protectors (, has 3 grown kids and lives in Oregon. For fun he likes to fly-fish, mountain bike, and go camping.

His love for the outdoors began at an early age. Throughout Paul’s childhood, his father was his Boy Scout leader. Some of his best memories are sitting silent in nature, taking everything in and finding his center in life.

In Paul’s adult life, he doesn’t have the chance to get outside very often. He likes the outdoors because of the simplicity. He doesn’t like the noise of everyday life and he happens to have a lot going on in his head from hearing sad stories at his job all day long. It takes a toll on your soul. This noise is alleviated when he is in the wilderness. He can come up with solutions and ideas for his job and his life. He prefers simple, straightforward and clean in order to achieve this mental relaxation.

Fly-fishing is a thinking person’s sport. What he likes about it is that you don’t always have to catch the fish – that’s not the point. It is the simple stillness that draws him in. In order for him to be able to fully focus on his sport, it helps to be organized.

The benefits of owning a product for your truck like the Husky Liners® GearBox® is that everything is in its place when you need it. When Paul finally gets the chance to be in the outdoors, he wants to enjoy himself. It is essential to him to not have to worry about his stuff.

He is a really busy guy that doesn’t have the time to install products on his truck or mess around with things. It is great to have a product like the GearBox that is easy to install and then stays in place. It is attractive and you can tell it is made from great quality materials. More importantly, when you’re a fisherman, the GearBox is easy to clean and extremely durable.

It just so happens that fishermen own and operate with a lot of gear. To keep all of your gear in one place and to be able to find it exactly how you left it is worth its weight in gold.

Being busy, Paul doesn’t want to go shopping very often (if at all!). He wants to buy something quickly and then not worry about it. To know that when you buy a GearBox, there is a lifetime Guarantee, and you never have to worry about it again - that is fantastic!

To check out Paul Coughlin in action, click here: