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New Mud Guards and Wheel Well Guards Product Video Launch: Meet the Hanlon Family

New Mud Guards and Wheel Well Guards Product Video Launch: Meet the Hanlon Family Categories:Car & Maintenance Tips, Experiences & Stories, Husky Liners, Husky Products, Mud Guards, Videos
New Mud Guards and Wheel Well Guards Product Video Launch: Meet the Hanlon Family

Meet the Hanlon’s. A father and son who love to hunt together.

The Father.

Ty Hanlon is a co-owner of a vinyl graphics business as well as a police officer. More importantly, he is a family man with 3 boys, and an outdoor enthusiast. He loves to hunt, fish, camp - anything that will get him into the outdoors. The love of hunting and camping has been passed down through the generations in his family. His father taught him to appreciate what he has and to not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. He grew up learning that you always need to find time to step away into the woods and become apart of nature. It is during those times that you get a chance to reflect and spend quality time with your family.

Ty is an avid archery hunter. It’s what he has done his whole life. Archery brings you closer to the animals you pursue. It takes a lot of skill and practice to be efficient with a bow and to get to know the animals you are hunting.

Even though you may not be successful at hunting every year, you are successful at building the relationships with your family. Even though he may not bring home the big trophy deer or elk, he got to spend time with his kids. Ty’s fondest memories, by far, are from sitting around a campfire.

He now gets to teach his son how to hunt, however, he has learned a lot from him and the younger generation in the process. Even though Ty is still a better hunter than his son, he gives his son a lot of credit, “Austin is an enthusiastic kid. He keeps you motivated. He can’t show me up yet. I have a few more years to keep up with him.”

One of the things he wanted to start doing with his boys was to take them out in the off-season – but let them believe it was in-season. For Ty, it is scouting and learning what the animals are doing. But, his sons really think they are on the hunt! Of course, they don’t engage any animals. But, he gets to watch their eyes get big as they think they see a flicker of an ear. He wonders if they will ever figure out its not hunting season.

Because of all of the time Ty and his family spend outside, he really puts his truck to the test. Preventative maintenance is important. Ty believes you should take care of your truck and have it ready at all times instead of fixing it when you have to. It’s his truck, and it’s a big investment. His family depends on it at home and he depends on it out in the woods. He knows that the gravel and mud roads accelerate the wear and tear on a truck. It throws rocks up in the undercarriage and causes invisible damage. You don’t know it’s there until something breaks. That outcome could be remedied with a simple product like the Husky Liners® Wheel Well Guards. This product gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle has longevity even when you are going down muddy, rocky roads.

The greatest benefit of this product, according to Ty, is the ease of installation next to the fact that it protects your vehicle. It fits snug and conforms to the body of your truck; installs in a manner of minutes and you are on your way.

The Lifetime Guarantee is an important feature as well. He pushes products to their limit since he is always outside and taking it to the extreme. It’s a great feeling to know the company stands behind their product.

To check out Ty Hanlon and his son in action, click here: 


The Son.

Austin Hanlon is a hunter - mostly elk and deer. Currently he works for his family’s business – PDX Wraps. For fun, he likes to hunt, workout, wake board, play tennis, and play soccer. Austin is like his father and prefers anything outdoors. He also loves the mud – whether it’s driving in the mud, running in the mud or hunting in the mud – however, the worst part is cleaning up afterwards.

Ty, his father, is a big part of his life. He taught him how to hunt, play sports and how to be a man. Austin, said, “I love him. But I can’t tell him that. I couldn’t take him in a fight. He always seems to be giving me a hard time. But, I still love going hunting with him. It’s the one place we get to be ourselves!”

He loves hunting because you get to be one with nature – away from your cell phone. You hear everything; get to see the stars, and when you see an animal out there it brings you back to your primal instincts.

He has been hunting with his dad for years, but he never seems to see anything when they are out there. Ty doesn’t realize that Austin knows when they are out there it isn’t even hunting season! He doesn’t mind though because they have a good time. They just get to be guys.

Since they spend so much time outside, Austin has caught on to the importance of keeping his truck clean and maintained – so they can rely on it to get them where they need to go. Along with the protection of the Wheel Well Guards, Husky Liners® Mud Guards provide a barrier and are super easy to install. Just put on the paint protection film and use a couple of screws – and they are installed in 5 minutes or less. It is the easiest installation Austin has done on his truck. The Mud Guards keep the mud, gravel and rocks from destroying the paint. They keep rocks on the highway where they belong and protect the people behind him on the road. Husky Mud Guards are built to be as wide as possible to provide that added protection. They are easy to clean - spray them down, and you are good to go.

Ty’s dad taught him how to hunt and he is now passing down that knowledge to Austin. He is also teaching him how to take care of his truck and the tools that make hunting possible. It’s a generational thing – it’s in their blood.

To check out Austin Hanlon and his father in action, click here: