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New X-act Contour Floor Liners Product Video Launch: Meet the Force Family

New X-act Contour Floor Liners Product Video Launch: Meet the Force Family Categories:Experiences & Stories, Husky Liners, Outdoor and Recreation, Product Insights, Videos
New X-act Contour Floor Liners Product Video Launch: Meet the Force Family

Meet the Force family- Drew, Jacqueline, Isaac and Dala. For fun, they like to go to the beach, hike, surf, play golf, go to the park, and ride bikes – practically anything outside. As a family, they believe that being outside is the key to living. It is important to this family to always be exploring. In fact, Drew and Jacqueline didn’t have kids in their twenties like most of their friends did. They think they posses a greater appreciation for their family as a result of that. Doing stuff outside, being in special places, and creating special memories together as a family – it doesn’t get any better than that.

A lot of their exploring takes place at the beach. Consequently they have developed a love/hate relationship with sand. The love part is the experience and seeing happy kids. The hate part happens the second you leave the beach. It is everywhere; it’s all over them, it’s all over their stuff, and ultimately it’s in the vehicle. It is a necessary evil you have to deal with when you go to the beach all of the time.

Having Husky Liners in their SUV alleviates the issue of taking sand home. It is as simple as taking them out, dumping them off and putting them back in. It gives Drew peace of mind to not have to worry about whether or not their vehicle is clean. You have to pick your battles with 2 little kids. If you have one taken care of when you come to the beach, it’s great.

Drew likes super simple design when it comes to products and the X-act Contour® Floor Liners are not a distraction. They don’t draw attention away from their vehicle’s appearance. In fact, they complement it. They have a nice, subtle, matte, finish. The cushion is comfortable to stand on and is very flexible – easy to get in and out of the car. They look great in their Chevrolet Tahoe and the Force’s don’t have to worry about the mess their kids make. They agree, “the Form-fit Edge is cool because you don’t have to worry about the liquids getting out of the contained area.” The Force’s have milk and water spills all of the time in the back seats, and these liners are super easy to clean. Just remove, rinse, and its gone.

He was most impressed that once he installed the floor liners in his Tahoe, they didn’t move when he put pressure on them. The liners have a cleat system on the bottom that keep them in place. Drew felt the other cool thing about Husky Liners is that they fit so perfectly inside each of the footwells.

Drew is not the cleanest guy on the planet, but he doesn’t like mess. “It creates a heavy anxiety inside of me. There is always stuff in the car which increases that anxiety. The Husky Liners help get rid of that. If you have to deal with mess, and we all do if you have little ones, Husky Liners are perfect because they are so easy to clean up.”

The fact that Husky Liners are made in the USA was a deciding factor for the Force family. That’s where they start when they look for a new product. It is important and personal. The Lifetime Guarantee matters to them as well. They plan on having their vehicle for 10-15 years at a time. With the X-act Contour® Floor Liners – the Force family can rest assured they are covered for whatever life throws at them.

To check out the Force family in action, click here: