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New WeatherBeater Floor Liners Product Video Launch: Meet the Maddox Family

New WeatherBeater Floor Liners Product Video Launch: Meet the Maddox Family Categories:Experiences & Stories, Husky Liners, Husky Products, Outdoor and Recreation, Product Insights, Videos
New WeatherBeater Floor Liners Product Video Launch: Meet the Maddox Family

Meet the Maddox family, or the Maddox clan as they refer to themselves. They are an active family of four living and thriving in Southern Oregon. A true, All-American family with a lifestyle that demands strong, durable, reliable products to support their myriad of activities.

Tyler Maddox owns a production company and is the Director of Photography. His studio is located on their farm, which enables him to be outside as well as near his family during the week. Tyler is known to his family as Mr. Steady. He is their rock and continually keeps it all together for his family.

Hayley Maddox is an Early Learning Teacher. She also gets to spend a lot of time home with her family because of her teacher’s hours. Hayley is the quintessential “Mama-bear.” She is the glue that holds everything together for the clan – especially as a taxi driver – making sure everyone gets to all of their activities.

Their oldest son, Asa, loves to read. He is super focused and highly intelligent. He loves to get outside and do things - especially parkour and soccer. It never fails though, once he is done with an activity, he wants to find a nook to disappear into and read.

Their youngest daughter, Birkley, is fun and adventurous – full of fire. She is their little tomboy who loves to be out catching toads, playing with animals and above all, getting muddy or dirty. She is not hooked on TV and would rather be out doing something.

Together, as the Maddox clan, they participate in parkour, soccer, gymnastics, running or anything that allows them to climb around. They love to get messy playing out in the woods. One of them is always dirty or muddy. But, still to them, mud stinks. They don’t like it in their house, or in their car.

This is where Husky Liners comes in. We captured them using our rugged and sporty WeatherBeater™ floor liners during one of their many daily activities. We watched them get dirty and appreciate the peace of mind that a simple floor liner inside their vehicle could provide such a busy family.

The Maddox family’s favorite feature of the WeatherBeater™ Floor Liners from Husky Liners was the Lifetime Guarantee. The Maddox’s believe in buying the right products. Buying things that last a lifetime. Accessories that can help keep their vehicles on the road for a long time. Therefore, before they make a big purchase, they do their research, and buy exactly what they want. They want to know that the product is going to last.

With the WeatherBeater™ Floor Liners, you can put nature (or life) firmly in its place. The liners perfectly conform to the contours of your ride and offer un-beatable carpet protection for whatever nature (or life) hurls at you.

To check out the Maddox family in action, click here: