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Virtual Reality is the Real DealWednesday, July 29, 2015

Categories:Experiences & Stories, Sponsorship

To the Editor of the New York Times,

So this is an odd thing… This morning I come home from a run to find Tom curled in a ball in the corner rocking back and forth. Evidently, unbeknownst to me, someone set him up as a tester for this new virtual reality headset the “Oculus”. For those unfamiliar with this device (as I was); the Oculus is a pair of virtual reality goggles that you wear to become fully immersed into a video game. The makers of the oculus say that within a small amount of time the user’s mind accepts that what it is seeing in the goggles as reality. Tom was playing a game where he was being eaten by a monster and now he’s sitting terrified. He won’t even touch his honey nut cheerios… Even though Tom annoys me constantly, I feel like nobody deserves to think they were eaten by a 12 foot BloodMage.


All the best,


Magnus Weatherford III

Successful Actor / Dog

Spokesman Husky Liners®


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