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Wed, Nov. 23 - Thurs, Dec. 15

Carlos the Belgian Malinois Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Categories:Experiences & Stories, Sponsorship

To the Editor of the New York Times,

This week I was invited to a private screening of the latest heartwarming dog movie “Max”. What I love about dog movies is that I can understand what the dogs are actually saying and in “Max” it is hilarious!! Max is played by a relatively new actor by the name of Carlos, a show-level Belgian Malinois. I could tell right out of the gates that Carlos was brilliant. His one-liners and sardonic sense of humor left me howling throughout the movie. Like a true vet, Carlos was able to pick up on the most emotional scenes of the movie to throw down some real whoppers right as the humans around me were weeping. My favorite line was during the scene where Justin was calming Max over some fireworks that were going off nearby and right at the most intense moment Max (Carlos) belts out, “Beef Please”. I nearly died. Poor Tom had no idea, he needed a sham-wow for all his tears.


All the best,


Magnus Weatherford III

Successful Actor / Dog

Spokesman Husky Liners®


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