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Wed, Nov. 23 - Thurs, Dec. 15

Happy Earth Day - 2015Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Categories:Experiences & Stories, Sponsorship

As an important actor it is my duty to do what I can to help make the world a better place through my power and influence. This year I'll be focusing my efforts on earth day and how we can all play a part in making the world a greener place by providing our pets with high alkaline filtered water. High alkaline water helps to balance uric acid levels in the blood which then translate to a less acidic potty time, meaning greener grass for all. My $4000 alkaline filtration system has transformed my yard from a dead-grass-dappled moonscape into a lush, emerald wonderland. This earth day turn brown upside down and go green with high alkaline water! 


All the best,


Magnus Weatherford III

Successful Actor / Dog

Spokesman Husky Liners®