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The perils of late-night TVThursday, March 26, 2015

Categories:Experiences & Stories, Sponsorship

To the Editor of the New York Times,

Tom was reading me the arts section this morning and came upon an article about the new Late-Late Show host James Corden. The article described him as “Amiable, if Not Particularly Special”, which sounds like code for boring. I asked Tom his opinion and he agreed that the show was ok but not great. Normally I don’t really care to hear Tom’s opinion, but in this case I know that he’s somewhat of a late-night TV troll and that he would be an expert on the topic. As some of you know, I got my start in acting on David Letterman’s “Stupid pet tricks”. It really is not an easy time slot. I’m pulling for you James… give me a call if you need any advice to get over that hump or if you want me to appear on your show.

All the best,


Magnus Weatherford III

Successful Actor / Dog

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