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Share your stories with us!Thursday, February 26, 2015

Categories:Experiences & Stories, Outdoor and Recreation

Say hello to Titan, the 4 month old Husky owned by our Facebook fan and customer, Jason Meier. His fiance' surprised him with front and second seat Husky Liners X-act Contour Floor Liners for his brand new truck and ironically Titan approved!

We love your stories! Do you have a Husky dog as a family member? Did Husky Liners products save your vehicle from a huge mess? Have you had one of our products for many years and it is still going strong? 

Please share your experiences with us.  Feel free to post them here on the blog, share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. You can also email us at!

Thank you for all of your love and support!

Husky Liners® Team