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Wed, Nov. 23 - Thurs, Dec. 15

To support its rebranding efforts, Husky Liners unveils new ad campaign.Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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Winfield, KS - OCTOBER 31, 2014 - Husky Liners will be unveiling its new ad campaign for 2015 this month. After extensive consumer research conducted earlier this year, Husky Liners has developed a campaign that focuses on its X-act Contour® floor liner with the consumer call-to-action, "Feel the liner."

Last year, the company's rebranding efforts began with a redesign of their logo. With a distinctive retro feel that harkens back to glory days of the 1950's automotive industry, it was designed to elicit a sense of strength, dependability and traditional American values.

Husky Liners VP of Global Strategies Dan Beaulaurier stated, "We selected a cowboy archetype and husky dog to represent our brand. This direction was chosen because it embodies the salt-of-the-earth values Husky Liners stands for. Cowboys are pioneers. They are tough, no-nonsense, resilient, hard-working, truck-driving people. This not only aligns us with the consumer segments we are targeting, but it also makes a strong statement about our products. The large husky dog is not just the cowboy's sidekick. He is our mascot. He will appear in all of our communications as his presence will help consumers remember who that funny ad belongs to. Our advertising will not be mistaken for any of our competitors' as the husky directly connects our brand with our message."

We invite you to be the first to view, download and use our new materials. Simply click the links below:

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Download New Web Logo (for white backgrounds only)  

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Download New 2 Page Spread Advertisement

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Download New National Commercial


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