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4 Easiest Ways To Buy Husky Liners® ProductsThursday, September 6, 2012

Category:Husky Products

So you’ve made your decision – you are going to buy some Husky Liners® products.  Now – where do you get them?  Well, there are several ways to find out where to buy our interior and exterior protection products; including floor mats for cars, floor mats for trucks, custom mud flaps for trucks and more.

1. Dealer Locator

Visit our Dealer Locator section on and type in your zip code. 
We have over 30,000 dealer locations across the US and Canada. Using our Dealer Locator is a great way to find several dealers right down the street from you, support local business and get Husky Liners® products quickly.  You can select products from our Shop For Your Vehicle tool and supply your local dealer with the products and part numbers. 

2. Web search

Type Husky Liners into your web browser.  There are hundreds of e-commerce businesses that carry Husky Liners® products.  These companies will ship almost anywhere – including right to your front door. 

3. Call Husky Liners® Customer Service

Need help selecting products, finding a dealer or learning more about Husky Liners®? Our friendly Customer Service Representatives have the answers for you; get in touch with them today: 800.344.8759.

4. E-mail us

Don’t have time to call? Have Questions? Use the Contact Us email form on  We’ll respond quickly to your needs and questions – heck, we’ve even been known to respond on a Sunday.  Seriously, check out the story here.  If you want to place an order with us, however, you will need to call our Customer Service Representatives at 800.344.8759.

No matter how or where you choose to buy your Husky Liners® - local dealers, ecommerce dealers and Husky Liners® Customer Service Representatives are here to help you with the products that are right for you and your vehicle.

Leave a comment below and tell us where you purchased your Husky Liners® product?