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Dear Magnus

Categories:Experiences & Stories, Husky Liners, Husky Shield

Every week I will be offering advice to the public, free of charge. Questions can be posted via my facebook timeline, OR you can send me a private facebook message if you’d like to remain anonymous. Send me your questions, concerns, problems, issues, baggage and I will offer you great advice.

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New GearBox Product Video Launch: Meet Paul Coughlin

Categories:Car & Maintenance Tips, Experiences & Stories, Gear Box, Product Insights

Meet Paul Coughlin. He runs a non-profit, anti-bullying organization, has 3 grown kids and lives in Oregon. For fun he likes to fly-fish, mountain bike, and go camping. He is a really busy guy that doesn’t have the time to install products on his truck or mess around with things. It is great to have a product like the GearBox that is easy to install and then stays in place.

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Goodbye Tom

Categories:Experiences & Stories, Sponsorship

The other day I was a little on-edge because I thought I had a flea and Tom decided to turn on the radio to calm me down. The very first song that I hear is this new Justin Bieber song “Where Are Ü Now” and I almost lost my lunch.

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