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Ford Fusion: Cream of the redesigned crop

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

Kelley Blue Book, the leading provider of new and used car information, has named the 2013 Ford Fusion as the year's Best Redesigned Vehicle. Experts compared it with 20 other 2013 redesigns, and the cream that is the Fusion rose above the competition.

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Staying safe on the road while traveling this holiday season

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

A recent Trip Advisor survey indicated that 45 percent of Americans are planning to travel during the December holidays, up from 42 percent last year. Driving was the No. 1 mode of transportation during the month, with 48 percent of the survey's travelers saying that's the way they were getting to and from their destinations.

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Auto sales up in November

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk recently announced that November auto sales came in at a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 15.54 million units, up 15 percent from November last year.

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