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Wed, Nov. 23 - Thurs, Dec. 15

Husky Liners BlogAugust 2015 Archive

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Goodbye Tom

Categories:Experiences & Stories, Sponsorship

The other day I was a little on-edge because I thought I had a flea and Tom decided to turn on the radio to calm me down. The very first song that I hear is this new Justin Bieber song “Where Are Ü Now” and I almost lost my lunch.

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To film or not to film...

Categories:Experiences & Stories, Sponsorship

Last week I flew to London on business and I decided to go see a play. One of my favorite film actors was doing a play called Hamlet at the Barbican and I’d never heard of it so I thought it would be fun to go. During the play I decided to take a selfie video of myself watching the play.

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