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Husky Liners BlogSeptember 2013 Archive

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How preventative vehicle maintenance saves you money

Category:Car & Maintenance Tips

A car is likely your largest purchase besides your house, and therefore, you should be doing everything possible to ensure it stays properly maintained. Not only will this enable you to enjoy a nicer vehicle or potentially sell it for more money than you would otherwise, but it can also put more money in your pocket from fuel savings.

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Enders-Stevens, Husky Liners ready to race for NHRA title

Category:Racing News

CONCORD, N.C. (Sept. 10) - Erica Enders-Stevens is certainly counting her blessings now that Husky Liners has given her an opportunity to return to her Cagnazzi Racing Pro Stock Camaro, but the five-time NHRA winner wants to do more than race: She wants to win the 2013 championship.

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Ford leads in commercial vehicle market share

Category:Car & Maintenance Tips

A recent Experian report showed that Ford held the largest share of the commercial vehicle market in the second quarter. According to the data, Ford vehicles accounted for nearly 21 percent of the total commercial vehicle market, topping any other automaker.

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How Generation Y shops for cars

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

According to the recently released J.D. Power 2013 New Autoshopper Study, more than 50 percent of Internet vehicle shoppers are open to any brand when they begin shopping, while more than 50 percent of Gen Y buyers are open to consider a brand that fits their needs.

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