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Husky Liners BlogApril 2013 Archive

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Price for car repairs increases

Category:Car & Maintenance Tips

The results are in and Americans are paying more for car repairs. According to the results of the 2013 CarMD Vehicle Health Index, which investigated the cost of repair cars for the model year 1996 to 2012 vehicles, car repair costs increased 10 percent on a year-over-year comparison, averaging $367.84 per repair. CarMD noted that this is the first time in six years that the cost of repairs increased.

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New-car transaction price up in March

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

Automakers saw strong sales in March and cars were just a little more expensive than the year before. According to TrueCar, the estimated average transaction price for light vehicles in March was $31,087, up 1.1 percent on a year-over-year comparison and up 0.4 percent on a month-over-month comparison.

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