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Husky Liners BlogDecember 2012 Archive

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New Toyota RAV4 gets monkey off its back

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

The staple of the Toyota RAV4 - or what could be referred to as the baby Hummer - has been its rear mounted spare tire on a gate that swung open. In the past, Toyota has been notorious for playing it safe when redesigning their cars, but it looks like they threw the playbook out on the new RAV4.

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Better watch out, better not fly, better drive a car: the Car Council tells you why

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

A recent report by the Car Care Council has holiday travelers skipping out on flights and jumping into their cars for the holiday travel season. The primary culprit is high airfare costs that are breaking the bank, and the council even says if Santa didn't have his own private sleigh, he'd be squeezing into a car to deliver his gifts. Luckily reindeer are not as expensive as jet fuel.

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