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Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Heavy Duty

Tough & Reliable Floor Mat

Whether you’ve got carpet or vinyl, our rubberized DuraGrip™ material was designed with comfort in mind. With the perfect balance of softness and strength, punch it, slap it, flick it, kick it. Can you feel it?

Line Your Ride

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I've had Husky products in the past and very happy with same. Just installed their fitted…
- ThomA
Very please with the floor mats they came in very quickly.
- Turley San
After I installed the mats, they looked so clean! They all look like they were made just…
- F150 proud owner

Product Features

heavy duty rubber floor mats

Soft never felt so tough.

With the perfect balance of softness and strength, our rubberized DuraGrip™ material was designed with comfort in mind. Punch it, slap it, flick it, kick it. Can you feel it?

hunting floor mats

Put your mat on lockdown.

Whether you've got carpet or vinyl, our StayPut Cleats™ help keep the mat from shifting around underfoot like lesser mats.

floor mats

Get into the thick of it.

Our Drivers Heel Pad is made extra thick for added protection from your lead foot.

floor liners

Contain yourself.

The perimeter edge is raised to help keep all manner of mess contained, right where you want it.

cargo mats

Out of the muck.

Our raised ridges help to keep your feet out of the mud, water, and dirt you just tracked in. You're welcome.

4x4 floor mats

Easy. Now.

The Heavy Duty Floor mats are easy to install, remove, and clean. Just yank, dump, spray and repeat.

rubber floor mats

Guaranteed...FOR LIFE.

When we say it's "guaranteed for life" that is exactly what we mean. No hassles, no guff. If you have a problem, we'll replace it. Capeesh? For details:

heavy duty floor mats

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

We pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. Need we say more?

So far so good -
- joe0307 - 45 to 54 Male
Have had them in the car for a few weeks and so far so good. Seem to be well built, catch and hold water nicely. The biggest issue for me though, and this is good, are the carpet spikes on the bottom. They are much better than the ones on the mats in my other car from your competitor. Those things slide all over under your feet. Only reason for 4 stars is to give them a little more time to evaluate. But again, so far a great product.
Perfect Liners! -
- Husky review by Don - 45 to 54 Male
My wife bought front and rear liners for me as a Christmas gift. Husky quality is great!! They aren't custom fit for my 2005 Ford Escape, but they still look perfect and are made nice and heavy. We plan to buy from Husky again!
Very nice, Thick and "rubbery" generic fit mats -
- SWISSPUP - 55 to 64 Male
When searching for winter mats to fit my 2001 Toyota Tundra, Husky was recommended by many so, I tried them. I was not disappointed BUT unfortunately, for my vehicle, all I could find was this "Generic Fit" type. They don't lay perfectly flat by the left foot rest and do not cover as much as I would like. There is 3-4" or carpet uncovered by the rocker panel/door opening area. The mats/liners are darker than the grey carpet in my truck, but that's OK, just noted in case you are as particular as I am. The $61 cost was fine but, this was for the front mats only. They want about the same for the rear mats and that's crazy.
For my 2005 Toyota Avalon, I bought the "Custom Fit" set of floor liners from another company and they were fantastic. Perfect fit and perfect grey color with edge to edge coverage. they were 40% more but,included all 4 mats. Get the Custom fit/Vehicle
specific if you can.
Great Product -
- Challenger14 - 45 to 54 Male
Great product. Easily fit. Need to remove access material, used for retail hanging, which just takes a utility knife to do. Would have preferred passanger side not to have cut out, leaving small hump exposed, but overall, great product.
Great looking floor mats -
- Bubbad - 45 to 54 Male
I brought these two weeks ago put them in my truck this weekend and they look great.
Tough and looks good -
- jpayne1868
I am very much enjoying my floor Husky floor mats for my Tahoe. The are durable and the tan looks great with my interior. I recommend.
No Complaints -
- JS2020
Looks like good quality. Fits as advertised. I guess the proof will be in how long they last under heavy use
Great mats. -
- Susan80 - 25 to 34 Female
I bought these for my boyfriend's Tacoma and they look nice and seem very durable. I will probably get some for my car soon. It is a small hassle to cut them to size but it doesn't take long and they still look great.
Heavy Duty Truck Floor mats -
- 65 or over Male
An happy w/the construction/feel of these mats very nice & Heavy--however I was hoping that they would NOT shift around--My Avalanche does NOT have the clips to hold the mats in place & was hopeful based on these description that these mats would NOT shift/skid around however they do move but not as bad as my previous ones(which were NOT husky brand) I would consider purchasing again
Heavy duty hump mat. -
- Gary G - 65 or over Male
Bought this for 1999 F350
Fits pretty well, but not quite as well as I'd like.
It bulges were it laps over the hump.
I would prefer a one piece hump that also
Incorporates foot mats.