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Drop Ball Mounts

Get the drop on towing.

Just because your monster truck has an abnormal amount of lift doesn't mean you should feel left out when it comes to towing normal things. Husky Liners offers Drop Ball Mounts with up to 18 inches of drop, allowing you to tow just like the rest of us boring normal people.

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Product Features

drop ball mount

Tow like the rest of us.

Just because your truck is lifted doesn’t mean your trailers all need to be as well. With models offering up to 18 inches of drop, you'll be towing like the rest of us--while still towering over us at the same time.

drop hitch

Tow darn near anything.

Our Ball Mounts work with Class IV hitches--giving you up to a 1000 pound tongue weight and 10,000 pound gross trailer weight. You can tow darn near anything you'd ever want or need to.

ball mount

Deuce, Deuce and a half? You bet.

Available in 2 inch or 2.5 inch receiver options. We think of everything.

drop ball mount

Guaranteed… FOR LIFE.

Someday, future archeologists will find our Ball Mounts and marvel at the indestructible heavy gauge steel and corrosion-resistant black powder coat as they tow their boat to the lake. For details:

drop ball mount

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