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Headlight Protection Film

Headlite Guard

The finest headlight protection you'll never see.

Our HuskyShield¢î Headlite Guard is an easy to install, clear film that protects your headlights from UV and the rage of the road. Over time headlights can get hazy and yellow from the constant exposure to the elements. Our Headlite Guard prevents that from happening. Shields on.

Headlite ProtectionHeadlite Protection2



Line Your Ride



Stronger than it looks is an understatement.

HuskyShield® Headlite Guard is an extremely tough clear urethane film that protects your headlights from road debris, UV and weather.

Stop the road's rage.

Stop this damage before it starts... at a fraction of the cost. Husky Shield® Headlite Guard is designed to help protect your headlights from the sandblasting effect of flying road debris. Testing has shown that our Headlite Guards high impact-resistance drastically minimizes this pitting and cracking, while its UV inhibitors also reduce the yellowing effect of sunlight.


HuskyShield® Headlite Guard is precut for an exact fit and our unique adhesive and installation solution make installs nearly error proof.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

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